Kathryn Brackett
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Horray! You're here. My name is Kathryn Brackett, and I'm a writer. I've also been a model, an actress, and an English teacher too.  

Now you're thinking, what does this lady have to offer besides a smile that's as large as Julia Roberts'? I have a BA in English with a concentration in
creative writing and a MFA in Fiction. My writing talents include everything from plays, screenplays, nonfiction, print and commercials to technical and web writing. My specialty, however, is fiction. My work explores the dynamics of strained relationships between people. Comedy is a must in my work, so expect to laugh (and if you don't, shame on you!), but I hope you'll also experience the raw and poignant expression of my words. While reading my work, you might feel disturbed or intrigued or meditative, or simply confused (so what? some of the best writers have confused people for years!). Whatever you feel, I hope an emotion awakens within you.  

Take a look around and drop me a comment, if you like. Thanks for stopping by.


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